Common Documentation Needed by Your Lender

Lenders require you to provide documentation of pay, debt, other financial information, and other documentation to verify your ability to pay back your mortgage. Below is a list of common documents needed by lenders so you can begin to get these items together and make the home-buying process go faster.

  1. Your personal W-2's & Federal tax returns for the past two years (NOTE: First Time Home Buyers will typically need the past 3 years of tax returns)
  2. Year to date pay-stubs (most recent 30 days income) or a statement on benefits.
  3. Bank deposit information. The last two months statements (all pages) on all bank (brokerage) or asset accounts.
  4. Debt information. This is a list of ALL open credit lines including: the name of the lender, address, account number, monthly payment and an approximate balance on each.
  5. Information on your past two years of residency (landlord name, address, telephone number and/or the statement page showing your current mortgage). Also the real estate paid tax bill.
  6. Photo ID and Social Security Card.
  7. Complete sales contract with all addendum and existing survey.
  8. Divorce documents (if applicable)
  9. Bankruptcy documents (if applicable)
  10. Canceled copy of the earnest deposit check
  11. You will need to begin searching for home owner's insurance.
  12. If you are self-employed or receive commissioned sales, the following may be required:
    1. Personal income tax returns for the past two years.
    2. Business income tax returns for the past two years.
    3. Net Worth statement.
    4. Year to Date Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.

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