Common Mistakes Made When Selling a Home

Selling your home isn't an easy process. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, especially if you don't know what you are doing. Below, you will find some common mistakes made by sellers and find out how to avoid them. Keep in mind, a seller's agent is the best way to avoid making mistakes, as they are experienced in selling houses.

Pricing It Wrong

A home that is properly priced is half way to being sold. It won't make any difference how nice your home is, the location of your home, the real estate agent that you use, or the marketing that is done on your home if the price is too high. Buyers will pass it by and not even take a look. You can't price your home based on emotion or simply what you think it should be worth. You must have all the specifications for your home and compare your home to others that have sold in the area. Pricing a home right isn't easy, but a real estate agent can help you find the right price through experience and knowledge.

Ignoring Your Real Estate Agent

Ignoring an experienced real estate agent is just like ignoring an attorney, doctor, or teacher. They are experts in their field and have worked in the market, so they know how to price a home and what to do to sell that home. You are paying a real estate agent for their expertise, so they need to earn their commission. It is important that the seller and the agent work together. It is a team effort! But the real estate agent is a professional in this field and you need to listen to them to get the most out of your home.

Rejecting Staging Suggestions

Just because you love the purple kitchen, doesn't mean your potential buyers will. Your real estate professional will give you suggestions of things that need to be removed or changed. Listen to them. They work with buyers daily and are experienced as to what the buyers are buying or what the buyers are walking away from. For some staging ideas, see my article: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Allowing Pets to Run Loose in the House

I am an animal lover, but—believe it or not—some people do not like animals and some even have allergies to them. Leaving the pet at the house during a showing even if it's in a crate can be a fatal mistake. A barking dog in a kennel will make a potential buyer leave quickly. Having the pets in the back yard is better than in the house, but a buyer with a family would like to see the back yard for their children. If Fido is barking or jumping on them, they will leave without even considering the home.

Nasty Smells

When a buyer enters the home, their senses kick in. If the home smells of animals, litter boxes, cigarette or cigar smoke, or baby diapers, the buyer won't stay. These smells may not bother you or you may have even become accustomed to them, but for someone who is not used to them, the smells can force them to walk out. Another mistake is putting too much nice smell around. Some of the air fresheners are so strong that they are sickening. For smells in carpet, consider sprinkling baking soda on the carpets and then vacuuming a few hours later. Baking soda will absorb the smells, but has no real smell of its own. For a little fragrance, you can put a drop of vanilla extract on a lightbulb in each room. This will add some scent to the air without being overpowering.

Not Allowing Access to the Home

Some sellers make it so difficult to see the home that the buyer and their agent just move on to another home. Common courtesy should be used by both the buyer and the seller. A ready buyer isn't going to wait around for you to let them in. Keep your home clean while it is listed and have something you can do for 30 minutes on standby so you can be flexible in showing appointments.

Too Much Clutter

If a home is too cluttered for the buyer to be able to walk through the home or see the floors they won't be able to see the potential. Again, for more infomration, see my article: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Lack of Photos

The internet is now the first source of home searching. If you as the seller or your real estate agent have made the decision to limit the photos, the possibility of having buyers look at the home is slim. Or in some instances, you will have a lot of showings, but no offer because the buyers didn't know that it wasn't for them.

Lack of Facts

Providing incorrect information or no information at all is a disaster. Buyers want and need to know what they are purchasing. Information concerning a home that has been completely remodeled or had extensive improvements is valuable information for the buyer.

As you can see, there are a lot of mistakes to avoid when selling your home. Having an experienced seller's agent on your side guiding you through will make the process of selling your home much smoother. Please call me at 417-439-5371 or email me by clicking here if you have any questions.